The Guitar and its Parts
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An acoustic guitar is basically the same as an electric guitar without the electronics. Many acoustics come with a pickup inside or you can buy a pickup and insert it into an acoustic to make it amplified or for recording.

Snapshot of an Acoustic Guitar
Guitar Type: Standard Acoustic Guitar

Diagram Explanations

A coil wound with fine wire which converts the sound into electrical signals.
Whammy Bar
Also known as Tremelo arm: Used for mechanical Vibrato or pitch control.
Pickup Selecter
Switch used to cycle between pick-ups for different tones.
Raises or lowers Volume
Changes the Color quality of the sound.
Output Jack
Receiver for cable wire.
Section for fixing and supporting the strings on a guitar.
Strap Holder
Holds strap in place.
Machine heads, used to change the pitch of individual strings.
aka: headstock: Mount for Tuners; distinguishing designer piece.
Point at which the strings are supported as they run from the fingerboard to the Headstock.
Metal strips placed across the fingerbaord to determine semitonal spacing.
aka fingerboard. Wooden section with mounted Frets.


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