How to Improvise
Lessons in this Section:
How to Improvise on guitar

This is my favorite part of playing the guitar. The best thing about getting better is that it makes it easier to express yourself. When you dont have to worry about where your left hand is going , and what string your right hand should be plucking, and soforth.

Figuring Out the Key

1. What key is the song in? The first thing you must know is what key the song is in. This is real easy if you know the chords of the song. In 95% of rock tunes whatever the first chord is, that is the key.

Below are a few chord progressions and their respective key.

Chord Progression
Wild Thing
Tuesdays Gone
A-E-F#m-D A-E-D
Earth Angel
Hotel California
Sweet Home Alabama






2. Is it major or minor? All music is either major or minor. There are no exceptions! If the first chord is minor, for example A minor, the key is A minor. If the first chord is B, then the key is in B. This works for 95% of all rock tunes. Its when you get into jazz progressions that youll find progressions starting with chords built on the 2nd note of the major scale and others.

3. Ok now what scale should i use to improvise? If the key is minor, you can use any minor scale. If it is major, any major scale! Its that easy! Go to the top of the page for some sample progressions and my suggestions on some scales that work. (Go to the Scales Section to learn new scales!)


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