Basic Guitar Chords
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7 Major Chords [ 7 Minor Chords ]

Its time to learn some basic chords! Once you learn all the basic major and minor chords in this lesson you will be able to play hundreds of songs! Most rock and blues tunes youll find are relatively simple!

Basic Guitar Chords A & B
VIEW CHORDS: A & B   [C & D] [E & F & G]
A Chord - Notes: A, C#, E
B Chord - Notes: B, F#, D#
An A chord is made up by placing your index , middle , and ring finger all on the 2nd fret. The open a string is the first string to be played when you strum.
A B chord is created by placing your index finger on the A string 2nd fret. The place your index, middle, and ring finger on the 4th fret at seen above.

A Major Scale:

Root A , 3rd C# ,5th E

B Major Scale:

Root B , 3rd F# ,5th G#


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