The Guitar Fretboard
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Octaves are two pitches of the same note. The are just double the frequency. For example standard A = 440htz. A one octive up = 880htz. Though one is higher than the other they are both A.

Explaining Octaves

The example below shows the pattern of octives in A. This can be applied to all other spots on the fretboard. The red lines I put in the diagram to easier visualize the pattern. For example 2 strings down, 2 frets across, if your root is on the E or A string. 2 down 3 frets across for all other strings.

NOTE - The High E and Low E are the same note, just two octaves apart. What this means is that all the notes on the two E strings are the same. For example, Low E , 5th fret is A. High E, fret 5th is A (2 octaves up).


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