The Pentatonic Scales
Lessons in this Section:
Minor Pentatonic [Major Pentatonic]

Pentatonic scales are scales with five notes. Pentatonic scales are known primarily for the "bluesy" sound they suggest, but have been long used by blues, rock, and jazz musicians alike.

Minor Pentatonic Scale

Pentatonic scales are generally heard on one of two modes: major and minor. Pentatonic scales form the very foundation of the music of most of rock and roll's most influential players.

The minor pentatonic is derived from the following notes of the major scale: [ R b3 4 5 b7 ] In otherwords, if you were to construct the minor pentatonic from the C major scale (C D E F G A B), the minor pentatonic would include the notes [C Eb F G Bb]. (I use this example only to illustrate how the minor pentatonic is derived from the major scale; it's rather unusual to find both scales used in the same song, since the tonal qualities of the scales are quite different.)

Use the diagram above to hear and practice the Minor Pentatonic scale. Use the fretboard, tablature to find your way.

Scale Fact: The term pentatonic is derived from old Latin; "penta", or five, tones.



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